Insurance Valuations

Since 1935 the focus of our business has been insurance valuations—we prepare reports that are reliable, cost effective and fully meet the needs of both our clients and their insurance providers. Our appraisals include current estimates of replacement and / or actual cash value for structures, equipment and site improvements as required. We also address bylaw compliance issues and the cost of demolition and debris removal in every report.

All of insurance appraisals include access to our industry-leading update program, which keeps our client’s insurable values up-to-date for three years following the appraisal at no additional cost.

Areas of valuation expertise include:

All Classes of Construction

  • Apartment and Townhouse Structures
  • High Rise Residential and Office Towers
  • Commercial, Retail and Industrial Facilities

Municipal Construction and Infrastructure

Primary and Secondary Woods Industry

  • Sawmills and Planer Mills
  • Reman Plants
  • Pellet Plants
  • Dewatering Facilities

Mobile Equipment / Fleet Appraisals

  • Forestry Equipment
  • Road Building Equipment
  • Construction Equipment

Food and Beverage Processing

Industrial Processing

Marine Facilities

Post-loss Valuations / Partial Loss Valuations

All of our appraisals conform to the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP) and the ethical standards of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Contact us to learn about our program of annual scheduled updates on our appraised value, or learn about our work with specialized machinery, municipalities and buildings.